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Choose yourself. 

Transform your life.

The first step is for us to have a call. Book an intro session here or use the contact form below. We'll have an informal chat over a cup of tea and get to know each other. 

I'll work with you to tailor a coaching plan bespoke to your needs and goals.

​Your coaching journey is tailored to you, but can draw on any or all of the following: 

  • Confidence 

  • Cultivating deep self-trust

  • Developing more consistent energy. No more extreme ups and downs that take a huge toll on your mental & emotional health, and leave you feeling distant from yourself and the world.

  • Getting clear about what you want 

  • Defining your authentic life/ leadership/ relationships

  • Cultivating a sustained connection to yourself – no more disconnecting and self-abandonment – those days where you lose yourself, you spiral because something feels off, and then everything is all off! 

  • Moving from shame and never feeling enough to more compassion, and self-love.  

  • Boundaries and advocating for yourself 

  • How to move from relying on external markers for direction and validation to knowing and trusting within.


It starts with you...


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