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Are you ready to start living?

Come home to your body. Reclaim your inner wisdom. Start living. It starts with you.


Meet Lizzy

Hi I'm Lizzy, your inner connection coach. I've embarked on my own journey of finding my authentic path and direction. Now I'm on a mission to guide you home to yourself and find yours.

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"I help women who feel like they've already done so much work on themseleves, yet still feel directionless, find their authentic path and LIVE their authentic life"  


Despite having worked hard and having followed the 'right path' do you feel disillusioned, disconnected, or like something’s missing from your life? 

Have you begun to realise that a new job/body/hobby/partner or even a new puppy isn’t going to fill the void, no matter how much you try and convince yourself otherwise? 

Do you know a deeper change is needed but worry that the change you really want is impossible, feels too big, painful or scary, so instead you stay frozen? Maybe you feel like you just don’t deserve it. 

Do you struggle to hear what it is you even want, let alone trust yourself enough to make a decision and take action? Maybe you worry there’s something wrong with you for wanting more. Do you feel alone, like you’re the only one who feels this way and don’t have anyone to support you or a community to rely on?  

Have you reached the point where as scary as all of this feels, what’s scarier is not doing anything and looking back at your life in years to come knowing that you never really lived? 

I know all this because I’ve been there and I’m here to help.

My coaching journey pillars

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Contact Me

07718 090967

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