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  • What is life coaching?
    Life coaching is officially defined as 'partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential' - The International Coaching Federation (IFC). However, all our lives are different. And so, life coaching will naturally take a slightly different form for each of us. Exactly what you experience, what you take and what you bring to life coaching will depend on who you are, where you want to be and what you value. But don't worry, you don't need the answer to all, or even any of those questions yet.
  • How could coaching help me?
    Are you? - Looking for a change? - Wondering if there's more out there, another path or journey to begin? - Questioning your place in the world? - Wanting to live a more authentic life? - In search of your self-worth, self-value? - Struggling to move forward with that 'next step'? - Wondering what that 'next step' even is? Then life coaching could help you. Whether you've got a clear picture in your mind, of exactly who you'd like to be, how and when you'd like to get there; or you've just got a niggling feeling that things could be better, I can help. Together we'll explore your values, discover your 'meaning' in this life, question your current state and ascend beyond prior limitations. Life coaching could help you to: - Find yourself - Gain self-acceptance - Answer those niggling questions - Banish doubt - Turn surviving into thriving - Develop greater compassion - Stop self-limiting beliefs - Find balance, structure, routine It all starts with knowledge, and it ends with LIFE.
  • What packages do you offer, and what fees are involved?
    Each journey is personal, and bespoke. We'll discuss your requirements, desires and preferences during a discovery call and continue to refine your plan throughout your coaching journey. The investment for a 6 month coaching journey with me starts from £1,500. Finance options are available.
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