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Menstrual Cycle Awareness

We are not the same person every day. Our needs, energy, desires, powers and shadows change as we move through our cycles.


Unfortunately, the world we live in today glorifies and celebrates hustling and consistency and this wisdom has been lost. Doing energies of drive, logic, rationale, discipline, and constant output have dominated and Being energies of intuition, trust, rest, nurturing, and being connected to our bodies and ourselves have become unbalanced.


The good news is a revolution is happening and women and menstruators are coming home to our bodies, our wisdom, and our inner power and leadership. 



Learning how to track your cycle will empower you to tap into your own natural rhythm. There is no more feeling ashamed of who you are, working against yourself and losing energy or your sense of self each month. Instead you learn how to meet and welcome yourself, honour what is around for you and take aligned action.


Self Trust

So many women and people who menstruate do not know how to trust themselves. You too might have struggled to listen to yourself, hear yourself, and trust  your path - to access that inner knowing and belief in yourself that guides you. Practicing menstrual cycle awareness will help you cultivate that deep inner trust that will guide you in life, your work, your leadership, and your relationships. 



Connecting with your cycle can be a deeply spiritual practice, one that awakens your power as a person who menstruates.


Women and menstruators can often be frightened of their power, they've been taught to deny it or suppress it, to not allow it to take up space. But the world needs your power with. It needs your leadership.


Journaling and Tracking

Learning to track your menstrual cycle is the first step towards understanding it. There are plenty of apps available, but it doesn't need to be overly complicated. Use whichever method works for you. Personally, I like to put pen to paper - the old-fashioned way.


Download your Track Your Cycle 101 here:




I've included a selection of free menstrual cycle tracking resources below to act as prompts and tools. 

My cycle awareness journey

Cycle Day 22 - Inner Autumn

Start tracking your cycle

My Menstrual Cycle Awareness Journey as a Life and Leadership Coach

Menstrual cycle awareness is at the core of my coaching philosophy. I discovered cycle awareness back in 2018 – it came into my life at a time when in one breath my life was going very well. My career was on track, I was very much in love and was lucky to have great relationships and friendships in my life…

BUT, I just couldn’t get my head around why during some parts of the month I’d be my very best friend to myself and other times a bully. I couldn’t understand why some days I could walk into a board room and hold my own, and yet just a few weeks later in the same scenario, even articulating myself in the most basic sense felt like a struggle.

And then, I discovered menstrual cycle awareness.


All of a sudden, I had a language and an understanding for all these parts of myself I had so much shame about. I wasn’t ‘always on’, a ‘super-woman’. I wasn’t one thing at all. I was many things.

The first gift that menstrual cycle awareness gave me was the practice of being in a relationship with myself. It gave me the language to understand myself. Suddenly, I was being curious – listening to myself, and hearing myself in a way that I’d never done before. Slowly, after time, I began to be able to give myself what I needed on any particular day, and allow myself to express what needed to be expressed on any particular day. This then turned into aligned action in my personal and professional life.

Menstrual cycle awareness has had an incredible impact on my life. I now have love, compassion, and trust for myself. I can finally hear myself, and give to myself. I am LIVING. For me, it’s been life-changing.

In relation to my coaching practice, when I think about people who come to me saying “This can’t be my life – I want more – but I don’t know what”; or “I think I know what I want, but I’m terrified.” – I realise that this work can’t be carried out without menstrual cycle awareness.

In relation to the work I do in corporate businesses, again when I think about women and menstruators taking up space, leading authentically, being trusted, trusting themselves, and doing all of this without burning out - I realised we cannot and will not make the strides for this to be a reality without bringing Menstrual Cycle Awareness to the individual and to the boardroom. 

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