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A 12-week virtual course designed to bring you home to yourself & find your essence.

Location: Virtual Zoom

Date(s):​ Autumn dates TBC

Time: 19:00 - 20:30 BST
Price: £450 (payment plans available)

About this event

Your body is your home. It is where you belong. It is home to your intuition, your wisdom, your trust, your power. Your body holds your love, your compassion, is the answer to your boundaries, and is your portal to your inner connection. Yet we live in a world that has kept us disconnected from our bodies. We live in a world that favours our disembodiment and profits from our disconnection.  

Taking the choice to come home to yourself, into your body & into your relationship with yourself will unlock your future. It is where the answers to what you want, what is holding you back & how to trust yourself lie. It is where you will find greater self-awareness, greater love, and compassion & the life you so desperately desire.

Essence is a 12-week program where we will lay the foundations for your journey home to yourself and deepen your inner connection & find your essence. Together we will think about our connection to ourselves, our connection to our bodies & our connection to the world, bringing you back into relationship with yourself.

What we will be doing together?

  • Learning the foundations of Menstrual Cycle Awareness & how to begin your practice

  • Introduction to the Inner seasons framework

  • Revisiting your menarche and how this formative time has impacted your beliefs and behaviours in the here and now, giving you the opportunity to choose a new path now.

  • Inner critic work, how this shows up for you, how it is holding you back from what you want in life and how to develop boundaries with it

  • Self-care practices throughout your cycle

  • Getting into our bodies through embodiment practices

  • Nervous system regulation practices to restore safety in our bodies


​There will be 6 fortnightly calls, 5 modules, and the option for additional 1:1 support.

Book a call with me to find out if this is the right course for you!

What Menstrual Cycle Awareness brings to your life?


  • It brings you home into your body

  • Rebalance your flow energy

  • Deepen your connection with yourself

  • It can be a deeply spiritual practice that is UNIQUE TO YOU!

  • Develop and strengthen self-trust

  • It is your portal to your inner knowing, to finding deep trust within, to finding true belonging

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