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Women's Circles

A space for women to gather, share and connect and explore their innate wisdom.

Location: TBC


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Time: 11.30am - 1pm 

About this event

Women's circles are age-old practices that have existed in ancient cultures worldwide The practice of gathering around in a circle to connect and share stories is as old as humankind where people would gather to eat, worship, pass down wisdom, share stories and take part in rituals. For women, these were spaces for empowerment, development, connection and celebrating the wisdom of the feminine.

Today, women's circles often serve the same functions as ancient rituals — to share, gather, and support other women.

This will be the first of monthly Women's Circle Lizzy will be holding at Open Door that will explore qualities of the divine feminine such as Intuition, Rest, Pleasure, Nature, Abundance, Womanhood. The first one will be a Womb Healing Circle and will be an opportunity for women to reconnect with their wombs, their bodies and the divine feminine.


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