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A few goodies to get you going

cycle tracking 101 cover.jpg

Cycle Tracking 101

If you have a menstrual cycle, this is a great place to begin. Listen to this short clip that explains Menstrual Cycle Awareness & how to start tracking your cycle so you can deepen your journey of coming home to yourself & reclaiming your space

Cycle Tracking 102

Don't have a menstrual cycle but want to learn more? This is for you! Learn how to anchor yourself & track using the moon, deepening your journey home to yourself & reclaiming YOU!

Menarche cover.jpg

Your Menarche & You!

Your menarche is a deeply formative time in your life & an initiation to you. This is a short introduction to menarche work, to help you on your journey with cycle awareness & understanding your uniqueness 

Queer Community

Are you in the LGBTQ+ community, queer & in a relationship where both of you have a menstrual cycle? Or date people with menstrual cycles? Have a listen to a short intro to the power of cycle awareness for you & your relationships

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