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The Master of Self-abandonment.

Something I want you to know about me is that I have a PHD in self-abandonment. I mean, not an official one from an esteemed university, but a lived experience that warrants a PHD. I have gone granular on self-abandonment, avoidance, and disconnection. I have studied and examined what it feels like to move away from yourself, drift away, run away, numb out, disappear, and make yourself invisible. I have been a master of it. I have been a servant of it. And I have been a fighter from it.

12.3 years

147 months

Multiple sessions a week

Over 2000 hours

Of me, my therapist, and a dedicated space to shine a light on all the ways I was keeping myself from being me. A dedicated space to find me, to bring me back every time I wriggled away. A dedicated space to sit in the discomfort of everything that kept me from being connected with myself and the world.  

So, what did I learn about? Well along with the ins and outs of self-abandonment, avoidance, and keeping myself small, I have learned about connection. I have learned that connection trumps everything. First with ourselves, and then with the world. Because it is through the connection we have with ourselves that we find our belonging.

Why is this relevant?

Because I hear from so many women and work with beautiful souls who come to me saying that something is missing from their life. The words I feel like I should be grateful for my life / I’ve worked so hard to do the right thing/ I have followed all the rules/ I have created a really safe and secure life for myself/ on the surface I have everything … but something is missing, are shared by so many.

And do you know what is so often missing from that person’s life? They are. They are what is missing from their life. They have spent years trying to build the “right life,” or being “good” that in the process, they have lost themselves, abandoned themselves, and become invisible. They have, for different reasons, avoided what they truly want and who they truly are, leaving them disconnected from themselves, from the world, and from living their life.

I see it, and I feel it, because I have been there. And coming from that place to where I am now, I know that the connection you have with yourself is your portal to you coming home to yourself, finding belonging, and becoming the leader of your life, not the missing part.


So my mission in life, my purpose, my “why,” is the nurturing of connection. My mission is to help women and they/thems to reconnect with themselves, nurture their inner connection, and find their belonging, so they can truly LIVE their lives.


So, what do we work on when you come over to my world?

Embodiment. Choosing you. Coming home to yourself.

How to live a full, present, and deeply satisfying life.

Being seen, and seeing yourself.

Finding deep, unconditional, infinite worth.

Connection and belonging 💜

Oh, and the menstrual cycle of course 🩸

Until next time, with love,

Lizzy x

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