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Relationships, managing two cycles and what happens when they don't sync up.

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

It's a Summers Friday afternoon and the sun is shining, and I am sitting outside writing this, having just finished hanging out the laundry.

I’m on cycle day 6 and I am entering my inner spring. Oestrogen is rising and my energy is expanding. I’m ready to gently re-join the world & moving towards that outward connection.

Bethany on the other hand is on cycle day 23, her inner autumn. Her energy is contracting and she is on the SLOW DOWN. She is getting ready to exit this world & hibernate, & is sitting with an inward connection. She is ready for the world to go away & has expressed her disdain for people more than once today.

I’m coming out… I am ready for attention... and she is going in… she’s ready for quiet, & love from afar.

This sort of self-intelligence and relationship intelligence is GOLD. Whether two of you have menstrual cycles or just one of you, being able to understand where you are, what you need, the connection you are desiring, and how this meets your partner's present energy, connection & needs brings space, respect, understanding, love and ironically connection to your relationship.

No more deep feelings of rejection because you don't understand why your partner doesn't "love you" today, no more hurt because your needs were "ignored" or not met, and instead more compassion for your feelings, and more compassion for your partner.

Just as Menstrual Cycle Awareness teaches us to meet ourselves on any given day, in any given moment, with love and compassion, it teaches us these same principles and provides us with the same knowledge in our relationship. When we can learn our natural rhythms, understand ourselves and our needs, and advocate for ourselves, AND our partner can do the same... Ahhhh, it is pure magic... adult magic... you know communication, understanding, respect, an ownership of how we are each showing up, and compassion. Pure GOLD MAGIC.

Tell me, are you and your partner practicing cycle awareness? If you both have a menstrual cycle, do you notice any patterns or the ebbs and flows in your relationship?

Lizzy x

PS. For deeper musings into relationships and how cycle awareness can transform your connection when both of you have a menstrual cycle, sign up to my newsletter.

Picture - taken two weeks ago, when I was cycle day 17 & Bethany was cycle day 10 and our outward energies aligned.

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