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Diet Culture: The Systemic Trauma Keeping You Disconnected

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

I believe diet culture is a systemic trauma shared by all women. One that, as individuals, if we do not address, we remain distant, abused, and abandoned from our core selves. One that, if we do not confront it, we continue to believe our bodies are not safe to be in and are somehow separate from us, therefore stopping the love, compassion, and connection we need to LIVE. One that if we do not address, we continue to fight a battle within ourselves that says, you are not welcome as you are, and we continue to live in the trauma that is diet culture.

I am not talking about body positivity or your external frame. I am talking about all the ways you have received messages that have stopped you from being IN your body. All the messages you have received that have stopped you from being in connection and at one with your body, and ultimately in connection and at one with yourself.

From the moment we are born and socialised in this world, we are conditioned to not know our bodies, to not trust our bodies, to not be in our bodies, and to not allow our bodies to just be. And then we wonder why it feels like something is missing from our lives.

We are sent messages about how our bodies should be, how they are not really ours to know. We are taught how to ignore, minimise, and reject our bodies, our felt sense, and our needs.

This messaging is overt and, in our faces, and it is also subtle and unspoken. We receive them from the media, cultural norms, and our communities. We receive them from our mothers, grandmothers, and our aunts. We receive them from our fathers, grandfathers, and uncles. It is everywhere.

I see it and I hear it all the time. From peers, from friends, from clients. It comes up in my coaching every week. This lifelong, systemic culture that tells us our bodies are not our own to love, trust, listen to, take joy from, or be in.

And it leaves us disconnected from our bodies, our needs, our desires, and our souls.

It leaves us disconnected from our being, from the deep trust and intimacy that lives within us, from joy, and from our true selves.

Our bodies are not separate to us. They are us.

Get to know your body.

Unpack all the ways you have been kept from being in you and taught to believe you are separate from your body.

Get angry at the system and people who have led you to believe that your body can not be trusted and is something that needs to be controlled.

Invite in love, forgiveness, grief, and compassion.

Your body is yours. Your body is you.

Lizzy x

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