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Connection over disconnection

As humans, we are primed for connection. Connection with others, connection with our environment, connection with the world. The connection we have with ourselves is what will drive the quality of those external connections. The satisfaction, the authenticity, the depth, the love, the ability to take it all in, depends on our inner connection; our connection with ourselves.

Yet, whilst we are primed for connection, the world we live in has led us to believe that in order to gain that connection we need to be a certain way, look a certain way, act a certain way; in order to have connection, love and be accepted, we need to look outside of ourselves.

So, we bypass ourselves, ignore ourselves, disregard ourselves, and cut off from our true-selves, which ultimately leaves us disconnected from ourselves. (which ultimately leaves us disconnected from the world, our friends, families, intimate relationships).

We live in a world full of humans who are desperately seeking connection. Humans who want to know they belong. Humans who feel empty and unfulfilled. All whilst not being able to find connection, love, and belonging within.

If we can not connect with ourselves, how can we fully connect with others? How can we fully connect with the world?

So here is your invitation to find connection and belonging within.

Here is your invitation to do that journey and find your connection your own way.

Here is your invitation to let go of all the rules and markers you built up around yourself to validate your existence and worth, that leave you disconnected, feeling empty, and full of un-belonging.

Is that invitation and journey an uncomfortable one? Yes, sure. There are countless times I thought to myself, sobbed to my therapist, and journaled – “but how will I know I love myself without X?” “How will I know I am ‘good’ without X” “How will others know that I am ‘good’ without doing x.” (X insert dieting, making myself smaller, compliance, discipline, a certain salary, a certain drive and career, prescribed wants and desires like a mortgage, a husband, babies, travel.)

Is it uncomfortable, vulnerable and hard to let go of these, and rebuild a relationship and connection with yourself that is based on unconditional love? 100%. But it is worth it. You are worth it.

You are worthy of a relationship and connection with yourself where you wake up and you know you are loved and you belong, because you are you. When you wake up and you love all parts of yourself, even the messy parts. Where you no longer fight with yourself, push against yourself, dim or disregard yourself, or feel small.

The freedom, the pure joy, the love in your being that you feel, your love and acceptance of your humanness, that is where you find real, authentic, loving connection. With yourself and the world.

It starts with you. Choose you.

Lizzy x

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