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Choosing you, coming home to yourself & hearing your truths.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Lately, I have really been thinking about the work I am doing - helping women to like themselves, love themselves, find their confidence, and find deep trust & connection within. The transformations my clients have with themselves continue to reaffirm to me that this is the work I am destined to do... And it amazes me because this beautiful work I do (that I truly believe is for every woman), was once something I was scared of doing and actually tried to reject.

I remember telling my own coach about 2 years ago that I didn’t want my coaching to be about the body. Huh, the irony. It never ceases to amaze me how the work is always right in front of us. This declaration of mine was just another way of me trying to keep bodies, namely, my body out of the picture. An abdication of the body, an abandonment of the body, a getting rid of the body. I told myself didn’t want this to be about body positivity, because in some way that still felt like it had aesthetic connotations, and that isn’t what I wanted my coaching to be about, so I told myself I would leave it out completely.

The truth is our bodies are our home & learning to be in our bodies, to be in relationship with our bodies... well that is partly what MCA is about. To do this we have to unpack how we have been kept from our bodies & denied our bodies. Unpacking how we have been disciples in discipline, restriction, staying or getting small and the denial of food, pleasure, rest, of joy, is all part of the work, and honestly, I do not know a woman who doesn’t need to do that work.

I am about choosing yourself. The work I do with my clients is about them choosing themselves, in whatever form that is for them. It is about you seeing yourself. It is about love & compassion and coming home to where you always belonged, within in yourself. The home that the world had told you is wrong, unacceptable, not good enough, and encouraged you to ignore, minimise or get rid of.

Over a decade ago I heard a tiny, faint voice within me that said, I choose me and I have been working on choosing me and coming home to myself ever since. I am so grateful for that voice. I am so grateful for that part of me that has kept choosing me, that has kept fighting all the ways I try to get rid of me, just like I did that day 2 years ago when I tried to convince myself that this wasn’t the work I was destined to do with women.

How are you choosing yourself right now?

What part of yourself might you be ignoring or cutting off from?

Lizzy x

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