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Updated: Apr 16

Who am I?

Hi, I am Lizzy, Your Inner Connection Coach.

I am a naturally curious, energetic and passionate human who believes everyone deserves to live a life that is meaningful, joyful and fulfilling to them.

I love to ask big and small life questions.

I love hearing about what other people are passionate about and what makes them feel ALIVE.

I live by the quotes ‘Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge is the most powerful kind’ and 'Curiosity breeds awareness. Awareness breeds change.'

What brought me to coaching? 

I am passionate about life and truly living. We have one life, so you have to live! But it has taken a bit of time for me to really in mine, find my joy, and the path and direction that was true to me.

I once thought my life was not my own to live and I was terrified of living. I felt invisible and tried to carve out a life that was “right” where I could hide and be safe…. yet I felt completely disconnected from myself, and the world around me. I was suffering terribly with binge eating disorder, and my relationship with my body caused me so much pain and shame.

I remember thinking “this can’t be it. This can’t be my life”. There has to be more than this.

A miscarriage at 23 woke me up and it just hit me, “if I don’t do something now my life will go by and I will never have truly lived”. So, I set about my journey to put myself at the forefront of my life and began my 10-year therapy journey. On that journey I confronted the voice that said I don’t deserve and am unworthy, I let go of the fear of getting it “wrong”, I navigated deep shame, and a lot of change (I got divorced, came out, met Bethany and fell in love, excelled in my career).

But about 8 years into that journey I still felt disconnected from myself and the world around me. Something was still missing from my life. My relationship with myself and my body still would go UP and DOWN, and those waves were getting harder and harder to manage. I struggled with boundaries, I still didn't really know how to feel, and despite every effort and all the years of therapy I still struggled to really be with myself. I was confused, and frightened, and I started to feel really lost and helpless.

And then, I stumbled across menstrual cycle awareness and the world of embodiment, two missing pieces of my puzzle. Menstrual cycle awareness and embodiment practices opened up a connection to myself and my body that didn’t focus on my past or changing my mindset but was about my relationship with myself and my body in the here and now.

I finally had a way in with myself, and I quickly began to integrate this work into my therapy. The leaps I had were two-fold. There was a lot of grief, hurt, and anger, but also so much joy and happiness as I started to be able to be in my body, listen to my body, and learn what it felt like to be truly in my life.

That thing that had been missing all this time… that thing was ME. I had been missing from my life and from my body, and I was finally returning home. When I started to feel the difference I knew this was the work I wanted to bring to the world.


I have found acceptance and joy, love and compassion, and a fire within me that always existed. I’ve developed a deep connection and relationship with myself and discovered a way of BEING that to me, is priceless, and is one that I know will continue to propel me forward in life.

And so, I now help women & people with menstrual cycles who too feel like they have done so much work on themselves, but still feel directionless and like something is missing, find their authentic path, and live their authentic life.

What I am going to be sharing on my blog? 

I am going to be sharing my story and what I believe it takes to come home to yourself to find your joy. There will be themes of self-love, navigating change, how to show up for yourself, and how to unlock those barriers that are holding you back from truly connecting with the real you. We have one life, it is time to start living yours.

Why Inner Connection Coach? 

Because it starts with you.

Because the connection and relationship you have with yourself is where the magic happens.

Because once you connect deeply with yourself, you can connect deeply with this world.

Because once you connect with your true self YOU become the driver of your life, and your

choices and you make decisions that are right for you. You live your direction.

It starts with you.

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